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AutoPlan™ is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) based software that automatically checks drawings and plans submitted by Architects and Engineers for approval prior to the construction of a structure.

AutoPlan™ allows users to create the plan in AutoCAD as per their own styles and layers. Then, AutoPlan™ does all the calculations and measurements within a few minutes. It generates reports based on client need.


Better results through improved turn around time and quality when checking drawings for parameters like:

  • FSI/Floor Area Ratio
  • Set back calculations
  • Building line/offset requirement calculations
  • Building height and usage check
  • Plot coverage
  • Fire code check
  • Earthquake parameters check
  • Checking for Provision of Parking Space requirements
  • Land use verification
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Who can use AutoPlan™?

A builder has to obtain approval from the local authority for the building plan prior to any structure construction. This plan is prepared by architects and engineers managing various rules and regulations according to the local development plan commonly known as the Master Plan.

The building plan is submitted in hard copy (as blue prints) and undergoes many revisions as a result of the review process done by local authorities.


AutoPlan™ is used by all Architects and Engineers who submit their plans on behalf of their clients for approval from local authorities. Architects and Engineers can check for violations according to the local development plan’s provisions.

Local Authority

AutoPlan™ is used by Local authorities like municipalities, corporations, local development authorities, and panchayats who are burdened with the task of granting approval to building plans. It supports approval decision making not only for Building Construction but also for any structure development such as compound wall erections. Such building plans are hard to scrutinize due to the various complex calculations and variations in scale of the drawings and other geometric conversions and calculation based on parameters. The need for multiple calculations makes the process slower and more prone to erroneous results when done manually.

AutoPlan™ comes in 2 Editions:

AutoPlan Author - For all Consultants, Engineers and Architects.

AutoPlan Verify – For Local Agencies and Authorities.

Key Features
  • Built in database of development plan.
  • Lookup context-based rules.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Wizard-driven screens.
  • No additional layer/text/format or rule enforced on user.
  • Supports AutoDesk AutoCAD 2000 and above all versions.
  • Quick check by architects prior to submission for confirmed approval.
  • View failed items list in one click with details.
  • Web module for submission and status checking.
  • Workflow module.
  • Report template builder.
  • Prevents illegal/unauthorized construction due to ignorance or purpose.
  • Building Rules Verification report in few minutes.
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