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helps Businesses Plan, Execute, and Operate Build Projects

SOLIDBLOX™ helps businesses manage construction faster and more profitably.

At the core of SOLIDBLOX™ is a comprehensive, end-to-end ERP suite specifically designed for multi-site construction businesses.

High performance features built on industry best practices help you address financial, departmental, and operational requirements of your business through one platform

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Cost Engineering:
The cost of resources and activities are defined in reference libraries for reference, while integrating the cost and resource quantities required, to perform project activities. Also enables the company to keep the cost and resource co-efficient optimized to reflect realities of the project execution.
Tender Bid Management:
Manages the entire tender bid processes, including tender tracking, bid costing, pricing, submission, and award of contracts.
Project Portfolio Management:
Definition of new projects and management constraints related to them, summarized as the Zero Budget. Also include a collaboration feature to facilitate preventive as well as corrective action to improve the course of the project.
Project Cost Management:
The new project is broken down into smaller activities as per a WBS. The cost of individual activities in the WBS is calculated by tagging activities from the cost engineering libraries.
Project Schedule Management:
Schedules and baseline the activities defined for the project. Scheduling the project is done using an external interface like Microsoft Project or Primavera Project Planner, for which the WBS is exported to an MPP file.
Project Monitoring and Control:
Tracking project progress and provides the project analytics to relevant stakeholders.
Contract Sales Billing:
Map client contract to invoicing schedules, prepare client claims, create certified bill, and prepare debit and credit notes.
Project Material Procurement:
Procurement of material resources required for execution of the project, for planned and unplanned scenarios.
Project Inventory and Warehousing:
This module is used for maintaining the stocks of the construction enterprise at company level as well as site level.
Project Contractor Management:
Manage Requests for Contractors and Quotes, contractor ratings, delisting, work order advances and bill verification.
Project Labor Management:
Define and track labor requirements, allocation, deployment orders, attendance, borrowed and direct labor payments, labor transfer, promotion, and training.
Project Equipment Management:
Manage availability, issue from Store, procure spare parts, procure, prepare repair orders, manage advances, commissioning, and technician allocation, and track P&M logs.
Enterprise Procurement and Warehousing:
Planned and emergency procurement and utilization of goods and services for various departments of the enterprise.
Business Development:
Panning of new products, attributes, release to market, and pricing.
Sales force Management:
Assigning the internal or external sales team, to the sell a group of products, and fixing targets for incentives.
Client Enquiry Management:
Manage client interactions and sales activities from the first contact of the prospect through reaching sales negotiation, agreement and closure.
Property Sales Management:
Client interaction and revenue collection activities from completion of sales formalities, through receivable collection till handover of the property to the client.
Property Lease Management:
All operations related to lease of property, pricing, invoicing and receivables collection.
Facility Management:
Complaints by the client against the product, its allocation, work tracking, and complaint closure.
Financial Accounting:
Conduct bank reconciliation, manage accounts receivable and accounts payable, equipped with multi-currency accounting books, registers, Statement of Accounts, cost centres, and profit centres.
Fixed Assets Management:
Create Asset Register, track depreciation of assets, planned and emergency maintenance activities of assets, asset usage and return.
Human Resource Management:
Track employee details, skillsets, resource request, resumes, recruitment, orientation, transfers, promotions, and relieving protocols.
Payroll Management:
Set and track salary, tax, benefits, holidays, leave, and process payments.
Office Administrative Services:
Track dispatch of items inward and outward, visitors register, admin expenses, events and gifts.
Land and Legal Management:
Define land parcels, conduct splitting and merging, manage land purchase, lease, sales, manage Court Cases, track regulatory approvals.
Help Desk:
Capturing queries from employees related to computer accessories, technical assistance etc. Can seek assistance with or without login to application, obtain a ticket number against which they track the status of the query raised.
Staff Complaint:
Staff complaints capture the details of grievances from employees and track its status.
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