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"With our site, we are able to gain mission critical information for incidents to which we respond in a real time frame. This is going to improve our response ability, thereby making our community safer. The data is gathered without requiring any additional staff time from our department. The current, up-to-date information is provided by the facilities without having to be reentered by our personnel, reducing the possibility of errors.”

Chief Don Oliver,
Fire & Rescue Chief, City of Wilson, NC

“The TIER II MANAGER™ straightened Fairfax County out and got us to where we need to be.”

Paula Woodrum,
Assistant Fire Marshal
Fairfax County Fire and Rescue

"The IDSi team is quite adept at understanding what a client is looking for and methodical in dissecting a complex issue and approach in a simple way. The products they deliver do address every complexity and provide solutions for each. These are bunch of guys who know the business they are in and they mean business.”


"The process and standards adopted by the IDSi project management team, gives a lot of visibility to know what is coming at the end of the day and instills a lot of confidence. The end result is always near to the ideas, expectations and imagination especially when working on green projects. IDSi has the capability to think and deliver from the end user perspective.”

Deputy Commissioner

"The solutions from IDSi are in use in our organization for the last 6 years and we are confident that the level of commitment, support and innovative solutions that IDSi provides is unmatchable. The speed at which the team understands our unique business requirements and translates into a working solution, is amazing.”

Mohtisham Complexes

“We are very pleased with the actual primary and secondary vulnerability zones for facilities based on their chemical inventory, instead of a base 1/2 mile radius as we had access to in the past before the TIER II MANAGER™. We are able to prepare emergency plans for school facilities that are near critical hazard facilities with greater threat.”

Fairfax County Public School,

“Having an easy to use application was a key factor in our decision to work with IDSi to create this interactive tool, because we wanted to be sure that residents would use it. We are very pleased with the final product.”

C. Scott Vanderhoef,
County Executive, Rockland County, NY

“Data from these facilities was available almost immediately for use by emergency planners and responders, without the delays for processing and distribution.”

Robert Pritchett,
Program Manager for the DNREC EPCRA Reporting Program

"With the TIER II MANAGER™, we no longer have to import electronic files, process hard-copy submissions, or print tier forms for our files."

Lori Canterbury
EPCRA Program, Illinois Emergency Management Agency

“The various administrative elements of the TIER II MANAGER™ greatly reduced burdens on our limited staff. Electronic communication capabilities now allows for rapid distribution of information to all regulated entities. Previous manual mailings of program information were cumbersome and time consuming. System capabilities that provide for linkage of the data to other geographically based data now allows for greatly improved emergency planning based on greatly improved graphic presentations of the available information. “

George Harmon,
Program Manager, Maryland Environmental Planning and Analysis Program

"I would like to express my appreciation for the Tier 2 Online Reporting System [TIER II MANAGER™]. I manage environmental affairs for seven locations in six states and for the first time I have used an electronic filing system that is easier on me than paper filing."

Jay Lanahan,
EHS Manager, Safety‑Kleen Systems, Inc.

“The intranet release of the WebParcel™ has eliminated the various daily calls that I was getting from town departments.”

Robert Cosgrove,
Public Health Coordinator, Town of Newington
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